Friday, July 9, 2010

Emily and Angus (sold)

Hello Friends:

This is a painting of my daughter Emily and her very good friend Angus. I decided to place her in a very formal setting to convey the more "civilized" part of her life, such as her classical music and education in economics, but I had her kick off her shoes and relax with her dog, because she's really a down-to-earth, homey kind of girl. This painting started out with very thick paint applied with a palette knife, then I went in with smaller and smaller brushes to put in the details on top of all that paint. Her eyelashes and the whites of her eyes were put in with a brush with about 5 hairs. And now I need to rest my eyes...

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  1. I love this...and was honored to see it in progress! (I don't believe Angus has ever looked so debonair...) (Ann, this is not a happy "comment" function. Anonymous is the only one that works!) Donna