Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Hello Friends:

Pablo Picasso said that painting is just another way of keeping a diary. I love that thought. I have mementos of my interactions with hundreds of people, and I've tried to capture something striking about their face or their personality in each one. With Sandy, it was her serenity and intensely dark eyes. Since I only had a couple of hours with her, I started with a wet wash and built up with thicker layers of paint as I went along. As I was working on her face, I was unaware that the background had started to run down as it did. But when I stepped back, I was happy with the moody effect that the drippiness gave the painting.
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  1. Ann,
    Interesting technique and good to the last drip... Grin. I'd love to see a demo by you at the studio one day. You capture your models every time, this one is no exception. Nice work.