Monday, March 15, 2010

As Yet Untitled

Hello Friends:

I would like to enlist your help, if you'd like, to help me choose a title for this painting. I'm finding that different people have different reactions to the model's pose, expression, and setting. What do you see? I think it would be fun to find out what the viewer takes away from the painting, much like an ink-blot test. Your opinion may have more to do with YOU than the painting itself!
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  1. This Lady seems to be at rest waiting while sshadow and light play. How about "Awaiting Lady"
    Of course sitting pritty would cover it nicely too.


  2. My first impression of this portrait is a more mature Audrey Hepburn, not her mother, but an older sister. Her blouse reminded me of a hospital robe - ends at waist. She looks optimistic. How about "Hope", as in her name AND outlook?